Hi, I'm Lindsay!

Nice to meet you!

I value accessibility, awareness and transparency.

Known for my calm, resourceful, and efficient approach to solving user experience problems for online businesses and organizations, I’ll be your teammate throughout the process.

It’s a human tendency to get excited about new ideas, and lose sight of the essential goal. I’ve been there! Mission creep, feature creep, scope creep, or product creep can happen when we are mesmerized by the newest and shiniest idea – without validating it – and then, the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) gets buried.

While a process is important, I do not believe that it has to be set in stone. Every step of the design and iteration process may not be necessary for every website or product. It’s okay to iterate and make it more efficient – what is the process’s MVP?

You might be wondering, “Isn’t this just ‘extra’? I only have time to focus on the essentials.”

Knowing what the people you serve experience IS essential. Fix it now, to save time and money in the long run.

The framework I use for 77digital.design Experience Optimizer program is based on the research, training, knowledge and the professional experience I bring to the table. This method is effective and efficient at getting you from where you are right now, to where you want to be.

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